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How To Get Started With Google My Business

As a roofer, you can use Google My Business to help potential customers find your business and learn more about what you do. In this page we will review how to get started with creating a profile, adding photos videos and information along with less common ways to optimize your profile.

It's not enough to just have a profile, you also need to use it to its full potential along with treating it similar to a social platform, where you post regularly. We'll make sure everything is optimized for local search so people can find your company. We'll also show you how to track results no your profile.

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Strategy For Your GMB

Treat your GMB profile like you would a social media platform. The more you use it to post photos and updates the better it will perform. You can't just let your Google My Business profile sit. Use it to tell the story of your roofing company, promote services and especially get reviews.

Once you have a ton of reviews and your listing is performing really well, consider opening another GMB listing. You can do this by getting another office, a physical brick and mortar location. Once you do, repeat all the steps to build out the profile with more reviews, photos and products.

Creating A Business Profile

The first step is to create a business profile on Google My Business. To do this, go to and click on the “Start now” button. You’ll then be asked to sign in with your Google account or create a new one.

Once you’re signed in, you’ll be taken through a few steps to set up your profile. First, you’ll need to enter your business name, location, and category. You can also add a brief description of your business. Then, choose how you want customers to be able to contact you.

Next, you’ll need to verify your listing. This is important because it helps Google know that your business is legitimate and ensures that only you can manage your listing. There are a few different ways to verify your listing, such as by phone or postcard. Once you’ve verified your listing, you’re ready to start adding information to your profile.

Adding Photos And Videos

One of the best ways to make your profile stand out is to add photos and videos. Customers like seeing photos of businesses before they visit them, so consider adding some high-quality photos of your roofing company. You can also add videos that showcase your work or explain what roofing services you offer.


Optimizing For Local Search

Another important step is to optimize your listing for local search. This means making sure that your listing appears when people search for roofers in your area. To do this, you’ll need to add your business address, hours of operation, and service area. You can also add additional information such as your website URL and a description of your services.

Any time that you have your company information on a business listing and you include your website, this will help Google to identify your website as a more legitimate place. There are a lot of business listing websites that will let you put your roofing company info on them. But you don't need to worry about being as active on those.

Getting more reviews is one of the most powerful ways to optimize for local searches. The more reviews you have the higher you will show in results. Reviews are so powerful they will sell the job for you before your customer even meets you. There is a link on your profile that you can copy and send to customers so that they can easily leave a review.

Products And Services

Another important part of your Google My Business profile is the products and services section. This is where you list the services that you offer. You can add a brief description of each service, as well as the price range. You can also add photos and videos to show what each service looks like.

The services and products are two different features. They are separate features so be sure to fill out both of them with as much detail as possible. You will find that sometimes services will be added to your list and await your approval. So keep an eye on those as well.

Posting Feature

Using the posting feature on Google My Business can be a great way to give customers updates on what's going on with your roofing company. You can use it to announce special offers or new services, or to talk about what you're working on right now. This is a great way to keep customers informed and engaged with your business.

Teat this similar to how you would a social media platforms. Post updates regularly about jobs you are working on or blogs you have written. You can talk about new roofing products that have come out or even weather updates.


Turn on messaging and start receiving messages from customers. Get the app on your phone so you can start responding right away. It's very important to make it as easy as possible for customers to contact you and this is a great place to start.

Tracking Your Results

Finally, it’s important to track your results to see how well your listing is performing. Google My Business provides insights that show you how often your listing is viewed and how many people take action after viewing it. This data can help you understand what’s working well and what needs to be improved.

If you need help setting up your Google My Business profile, or if you want to learn more about how to optimize it for local search, contact us today. We can help you get the most out of your listing and attract more customers to your business.

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