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About Su Vista


I started off in roofing as the laborer and worked my way up to General Manager. During this time, we tripled in size, and I learned the struggle of running a marketing department for a roofing company.  

I found myself dealing with marketing agencies that didn’t know roofing and only knew one facet of marketing. For example, because they didn’t know roofing they would create poor quality content that google didn’t like. Or because they only knew one facet of marketing, they would do things like build us a website but not optimize it to show up on google.

Year after year we felt as though there was a glass ceiling over our marketing, we had plateaued and the only thing marketing agencies told us to do was to spend more money on marketing. I was tired of pouring money into worthless marketing tactics that didn't bring results. I needed a tailored strategy that worked with my industry. 


​As a result, I made it my aim to learn everything I could about marketing for roofers and break through the glass ceiling in our marketing. I’ve learned that marketing for a roofing company is more than just SEO or PPC. You need more than a few tricks. You need a holistic strategy and a team inside and outside your company to help you pull it off.


Helping companies break through that plateau they are feeling in their marketing is my passion. I want to set you up for success, not to be reliant on an agency but to take control of your marketing in a way that excels you past the competition. When I’m not working in Su Vista, you’ll probably find me with some friends, reading or drinking a great cup of coffee, no cream.

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