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About Su Vista

From a Roofer to a Marketing Agency

I started in roofing as a laborer and worked my way up to General Manager. During this time, we tripled in size, and I experienced the challenges of running a marketing department for a roofing company.

I encountered marketing agencies that lacked roofing expertise and only focused on one aspect of marketing. For example, they would create poor-quality content that Google didn't like because they didn't understand roofing. Or they would build us a website but not optimize it for Google search.

su vista roofing before marketing

Year after year, we felt stuck in our marketing efforts. Agencies suggested spending more money, but it felt like we hit a plateau. I was tired of investing in ineffective marketing tactics. I needed a tailored strategy that aligned with our industry.

Therefore, I dedicated myself to learning everything about marketing for roofers and breaking through our marketing challenges. I realized that marketing for a roofing company goes beyond SEO or PPC. It requires a holistic strategy and a team inside and outside the company.

Helping companies overcome their marketing plateaus is my passion. I aim to set you up for success, empowering you to take control of your marketing and outshine the competition. 

su vista marketing owner
su vista owner on a roof
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