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32 Ideas For Roofing Leads

How to Choose Your Strategy


Not every method for obtaining leads is going to yield the greatest ROI for your time. For instance, dedicating an hour to a page on your website will likely produce more in the long run than spending an hour on a social media post.

Some lead sources generate roofing leads more quickly than others. Therefore, it's crucial to comprehend the entire landscape of marketing so that you can devise a plan that aligns with your company's current position.

For instance, some of the largest roofing companies abstain from posting on Facebook altogether, while others manage to acquire high-quality leads and build a substantial following on that platform.

With this article, assess the various methods for obtaining roofing leads and address any gaps you might have. If you are utilizing the lead sources listed below, consider delving deeper into them to refine your approach or reorganize their priority to maximize exclusive roofing leads.

roofing leads strategy

Where To Get More Roofing Leads

Below is a list of places and methods for acquiring more roofing leads. Sometimes, the advantage comes from using a platform that your competition is not utilizing or by improving the way you use a platform to outperform the competition. The following list is not in any specific order.

32 Ideas For Roofing Leads

  1. Owners personal brand

  2. Facebook

  3. Instagram

  4. Linkedin

  5. YouTube

  6. Job Site

  7. SEO

  8. Blogging

  9. PPC on google

  10. PPC on social media 

  11. GMB

  12. Email

  13. Influencers

  14. Cross marketing with related brand

  15. Reputation and reviews

  16. Google Local Service Ads

  17. Lead generator 

  18. Direct mail

  19. Billboards 

  20. Magazines

  21. Door knocking

  22. Telemarketing 

  23. Past customers 

  24. Referrals

  25. Employee’s personal brand

  26. Networking groups

  27. Podcast, TV, Radio

  28. Events 

  29. Associations

  30. HOA

  31. Commercial lead generators

  32. Sales Culture

Owners personal brand

I’m referring to your own personal Instagram, Facebook, or any social platform that is exclusively yours. People prefer to do business with other people. So, the more you can show up on social media, the better. You don’t have to post so much that it becomes annoying, just enough so they don’t forget you when they need a new roof.



69% of America use Facebook. Your company's Facebook page can be used to run ads along with organic posts. With Facebook ads, you can be very specific about demographics and locations.



Utilize this platform similarly to how you would use Facebook. You can post videos, pictures, and articles. This is a great platform if you want to generate more commercial roofing leads.


You can run ads here, but it can also be a valuable tool for branding and helping your customers get a feel for your company.



As the second-largest search engine after Google, you can run ads on videos and educate your customers; few roofing companies are utilizing this. YouTube is excellent for bringing in roofing leads and expanding your brand. Treat YouTube like you would your website design; just as you would create a page for each service, create a video for each service.

Job Site

Post job signs in the yard and down the street from the house. Contact the HOA to build a relationship. Make sure your trucks are wrapped, or have roofing magnets  and your company information on them.


Easily the best method for acquiring more roofing leads. When you invest in SEO, it continues to produce roofing leads for years to come, compared to advertising, which stops when you stop spending money. There is a lot to be said about roofing SEO, covered in other pages of my site.



This is a part of SEO, where you put content out on your website regularly in the form of blog posts. The more quality content you have, the better. Take time to write content that speaks to the needs of your customers.


PPC on google

Advertising on Google, Pay-Per-Click, or PPC all mean the same thing. You can set up an Adwords campaign and start posting ads. Or you can pay someone to manage it for you. Keep in mind that you want to find someone who already works with roofers.


PPC on social media 

Running ads on social media is another way to generate roofing leads. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on the reproduction of the post. You want something that will stand out and catch people's attention so they stop scrolling.


Google My Business is a powerful tool for getting roofing leads. Make sure that you fill out all the information and use the platform as much as possible. Post photos and updates, get reviews, post products, and short videos.


While email is not as powerful as it once was, it can be a tool for staying in front of the customer. You can split your email list up based on the needs of the customer. Keep the customer journey in mind. And always bring value.


Find local influencers who have a following on another platform like YouTube or Facebook. Offer them an incentive to promote your services.

Cross marketing with related brand

Find other companies that service the same target audience. Both of you can cross-promote each other. For example, if you both have a decent following on Facebook, you could each post about the other company.

Reputation and reviews

Reviews play a large role in your company reputation. Get as many reviews as possible on Google because it is the strongest and largest platform for reviews. Afterward, move on to other platforms like BBB or GuildQuality. Good reviews can sell the roofing leads for you even before meeting the customer.

Google Local Service Ads

This is a great lead source that Google provides. It shows on the first page of Google above the ads and organic results. And the cost per lead is not too bad. You can get an estimate for what the cost would be when you visit the Google Local page.


Lead generation companies 

To name a few, Home Advisor, Porch, and Thumbtack. There are more, but I honestly wouldn’t recommend any of these. When it comes to getting roofing leads from these sources, there are mixed opinions. Some platforms give the lead to multiple contractors. Others just produce trash leads. If you use them, make sure you have a system to respond to the roofing leads right away. I’ve found this to make a difference.

Direct mail

Consistency and strategy play a big role in direct mailers. Target the same area with digital and print together at the same time. Repetition builds familiarity. Catch their attention in the design; you only have two seconds before they move to the next piece of mail.


Same with any print or traditional marketing, find a way to stand out and partner it with digital ads at the same time. Consider using billboards closer to key neighborhoods rather than on the highway.


Finding smaller niche community magazines tends to have a higher engagement rate with homeowners. As stated before, stay consistent and partner it with digital ads.

Door knocking

Getting roofing leads from door knocking should be a must on every sales rep's list of activities. If you sell a job, that whole neighborhood is watching and, therefore, a great candidate. Door knocking is also a great idea if you are pursuing storm restoration leads.

Storm Telemarketing 

There are services that will call homeowners after a storm comes through, and they will line up roofing leads for you. The leads have to be managed closely to make sure you get your money back if the leads turn out to not be good. But it can generate some work. 

Past customers 

The easiest sale will be with a past customer. You need a strategy for marketing to them, to stay top of mind. Every repair customer will need a replacement later on. Try offering a new service or an incentive for bringing you a lead.


Before, during, and after a job, it’s a good idea to ask for referrals or offer incentives for referrals. Homeowners might know a neighbor, and you could offer a free inspection.

Employee’s personal brand

Set up a group of employees to post content on their social media platforms on a regular basis, maybe once a week. Give them high-quality photos like drone shots or pictures of them working so they will want to post it. Do this for six months, and you will get more roofing leads, especially with the services guys who take pride in their work. Help them create before and after photos.

Networking groups

Have your sales team and managers join networking groups like the Chamber of commerce or BNI, or a commercial association for facility managers. They can bring value to the community and will get roofing leads in return. If the group doesn’t produce, change groups.

Podcast, TV, Radio

Any large production that is already running commercials can be an opportunity. When you are getting quotes, make sure to get referrals from similar businesses that have used those platforms, just to make sure it’s actually reaching your target audience.


Home shows, county fairs, or any sort of large events in your city that pull a lot of people. Set up a booth and have your team work the crowd. Get creative and stand out. Don’t hide behind a table. Find a way to be different from everyone else.


Join a property management association or a facility management association or any type of association that deals with homes or commercial buildings. Get involved and bring value. There are roofing leads just waiting for you.


Whenever you do a job in a community, contact the board of the HOA and offer group discounts for your services for the next 6 months. Or a weekend of free inspections. Some HOAs don’t have management companies, so they are in great need of a roofing expert.

Commercial lead generators

Depending on the size of the project you want, there are government websites that post jobs along with Contractor Connections and The BlueBook Building And Construction Network. You could also build relationships with builders and General Contractors if you are interested in new construction.

Sales culture

Does your sales culture promote or require your sales team to generate leads, or are they solely dependent on the marketing department? If your sales team owns part of the responsibility for bringing in roofing leads, you will see a significant increase.

Optimizing Roofing Lead Generation: A Strategic Approach for Business Success

In conclusion, carefully choosing the lead generation strategies that are best for roofing businesses. Not all methods yield the same return on investment, and dedicating time to certain platforms or practices can have a more significant impact. The comprehensive list of ideas for generating qualified leads provides a diverse range of options, from leveraging personal brands on social media to utilizing traditional methods like direct mail and billboards.

We encourages businesses to assess and address any gaps in their current lead generation approach and stresses the significance of a well-rounded strategy that aligns with the company's specific needs and goals. Ultimately, the key takeaway is that a strategic and diversified approach to obtaining qualified leads can significantly contribute to business success.

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