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Roofing SEO

You Have An Advantage


As a roofer, you have an advantage when it comes to roofing SEO because you are able to combine your roofing experience and knowledge with SEO tactics in a way that no one else can. 

What Is Roofing SEO

The process of optimizing your website, that is, performing roofing SEO, involves the usual SEO best practices of using keywords, backlinks, meta descriptions, content, copy, etc.


But it also requires the knowledge of a roofer. For example, you know what sort of conversations you will have with your customers and the questions your customers ask. This gives you insight into what you can put into your website design. Along with all the product knowledge that you have. 


What You Need To Start Roofing SEO

Below is a list of things you’ll need to get started in your process of optimizing your website. 


Keyword Research

Figure out the exact words and phrases that you customers are typing into search engines to look for your services and products. 



When another website that has a good reputation with Google or a big brand has a link to your site, this is a backlink and it helps Google see your site as valuable. 



The more content the better. Content is anything visual, audio or written. So creating SEO content around each of your services and even the products like shingles and pipe collars. 


Article Length

When you have a page describing your product or service, make sure that you expound on the topic and use at a minimum 600 words. 


Internal Linking 

You’ll need to have internal hyperlinks that link to other pages on your website. Connect these to keywords. So on your roof replacement page, you can link to your underlayment page.


Meta Descriptions

This is the brief description that customers read on Google before clicking on your site. It communicates to both google and the user what the main point of the page is. 


Location Pages

For every city that you want to get local leads from, you can create individual pages dedicated to that city. Using information about the city and your services together.

Hire A Roofing SEO Agency

If you’re considering hiring a roofing SEO agency, be sure to ask them to show you results of other projects they’ve worked on. You want to see proof that they can get results. 


What you will look for is a steady progression of organic traffic increasing on the website, the overall number of keywords increasing and the number of keywords showing up on the first page of Google. 


Here are two examples of organic traffic results, something that an SEO agency should be able to show you. 


When you are reviewing an SEO agency, these are the things to look for.

Look At Organic Traffic Increasing

There is no exact number that a site should be at because it all depends on how much roofing SEO was done on the site. But if a site has been worked on for six months, you should see the numbers of organic traffic increasing month-over-month. 


Number Of Keywords

The overall number of keywords should increase too. Because as more content is created for a company, the more roofing related keywords should be used and therefore the overall number of keywords increased. 


The First Page Of Google

It’s hard to rank on the first page of Google but there should be examples of it. See what types of words are ranking, are they actually roofing related? This is key because not every word matters. You want to rank for valuable keywords. 


Some SEO agencies are good at getting companies performing on Google but then they tend to plateau after a while. So if you need to just get your company on the map, that should work. But often what I find is that companies plateau and need to break through to increase their leads. This is where you will want to see proof that a company has taken a roofer from 60 to 100, as it were. 

Doing Your Own Roofing SEO

If you plan to do your own roofing SEO, follow the steps above where I list some SEO tactics to get you started. But in addition to those, here are a few more to add to the list. 


Hire For A One Time Audit And Strategy

You can hire a person who knows SEO to do an audit of your site and put together a strategy. A quality SEO marketing person should have the tools to audit your site and give you feedback and direction. To get a thorough audit and strategy will cost money, but this can be a one time fee and it will get you started in a direction. 


Get The Free Tools

Use free tools such as Google Keyword Planner and Google Search Console to start looking at keywords and updating your website. Google Search Console is a must have. It helps you in so many ways to manage your website and the SEO that you do on your website. 


Website Tools

Your website content management system, like Wordpress or Wix, should have tools that you can use that will connect to your site and help guide you through the SEO steps. Some of these tools are free. They don’t give the full package of roofing SEO but it will be a solid start. 


How To Use Keywords In Roofing SEO

When you are creating a page on your website, there is a specific way you want to use the keywords. Google can tell when someone is “keyword stuffing,” that is, using too many of the same word and in the wrong way. 


Use the keywords in the URL but don’t let the URL get too long. Also, avoid “stop” words like, for, in, at, etc. Here is an example of a few ways to use the keyword in the URL.



You also need to use the roofing keyword in the H1 header and inside of the first paragraph. Partly because this is how Google understands the purpose of the page and partly because it helps reassure the customer that they landed on the exact page they wanted. 


Also, use the keyword in the meta description and meta title. This is for the exact same reasons listed above. 


I would also add that if you have an article that is around 600 words, try using the keyword six times. There’s no exact ratio to follow but that is a good place to start. If it’s 1000 words, try 8-10 times. 


Roofing SEO Keywords

To get you started on your journey, here is a list of roofing keywords. There are many more but this will get you started. Notice the volume listed next to each word. This is how many times someone searches that word on Google. The higher the number the harder it can be to rank for. 

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