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Roofing Marketing: How to Get Leads in 2024

In the competitive roofing industry, acquiring leads is vital for growth. However, the abundance of marketing platforms can overwhelm any roofing contractor, making it challenging to determine where to invest their efforts.

But fear not. We're here to help you improve your roofing marketing and discover effective lead generation strategies for 2024. Whether you're struggling to choose between platforms or seeking a trustworthy agency, we provide actionable insights and proven solutions to drive real results.

Fast Leads from Advertising

In the competitive realm of roofing lead generation, speed is of the essence, and efficiently connecting with potential customers can significantly impact the success of your roofing company. While various advertising methods are available, we highly recommend three of the most effective tools: PPC, Facebook Advertising, and Local Services. If done right, these strategies are designed to deliver roofing leads promptly, ensuring immediate and impactful results for your business.

PPC With Google and Bing

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns stand out as a direct and efficient method to drive immediate traffic to your roofing services. While most people are familiar with Google Ads, it's worth noting that the second-largest search engine where you can run ads is Bing. The Bing platform is easily overlooked but highly effective. By combining roofing experience with strategic keyword targeting, you can set up campaigns that will bring in qualified leads.


In the digital age, social media platforms play a pivotal role in connecting businesses with their audience. Facebook, in particular, stands out as an excellent platform to reach potential customers, given that the demographics most likely to own a home are actively present on this platform.

Local Service Ads

Google Local Services, also known as Google Guaranteed, is a lead-generating tool that you should absolutely add to your marketing efforts. It operates on a cost-effective pay-per-lead model, positioning your business at the top of Google search results, even above PPC ads. Additionally, Google Local Services enhances trust and credibility by thoroughly vetting businesses. This further assures potential customers, making it a valuable addition to your lead generation efforts.

Quality Leads You Control

Perhaps our favorite thing about a roofing website is that yours can become the strongest lead generator for you. If you're tired of sharing leads with other roofers, as you may have experienced with lead aggregates, it might be time to take control of your market by turning your website, Google My Business page, and personal brand into a lead-generating machine.


The only way to get your roofing website to show up at the top of Google, aside from spending tons of money on ads, is to invest in SEO. Search Engine Optimization is the process of ensuring that your website aligns with the requirements of search engines. Keywords, page speed, headings, and meta descriptions are just the beginning.


Your Google My Business page, also known as a Google Business Profile, has the potential to generate a large number of leads for your roofing business. To maximize this potential, you need to increase the number of reviews on your Google Business Profile. Additionally, ensure that you fill out all available features, such as posts, updates, services, and more.

Personal Brand

A personal brand involves regularly posting roofing content on social media platforms. While being on camera may seem daunting and time-consuming, the payoff is significant. It helps you stay top-of-mind for your friends, family, and their connections, while also providing content to share on other company platforms.

Roofing Company Leads

Broaden the strategy and focus of your company. If you've only been doing things one way, consider expanding into new areas of home improvement, adding new services, or aligning your company with a similar brand that serves the same clients. By doing so, you can tap into untapped markets, reach a wider audience, and create new opportunities for revenue generation. For every client that has had a roof replacement, they will eventually need windows, siding, or may even own a commercial building requiring roofing services.

New Service

Consider the other aspects of home improvement closely related to your existing services. For example, customers with siding problems might also require painting or window services. Find someone to join your team who is proficient in these new services and then integrate them into your marketing strategy. Build out a separate digital marketing strategy for each additional service.

New Industry Sectors

The best example of exploring new industry sectors is in the commercial side of roofing. You can focus on specific parts of the roofing industry that other roofers have neglected. For example, new construction projects that require blueprint reading. You can hire a third-party company to provide you with the readings from the blueprint and start bidding. Additionally, you can join property management groups and become a preferred contractor. Government contracts and maintenance management are a few more options.


Partnering with companies that cater to the same client base, such as ServePro and chimney sweeps, can be a game-changer for lead generation. Collaborating with these businesses allows you to tap into their established customer networks, expanding your reach within your target market. Through these partnerships, you can exchange leads and referrals, maximizing your exposure and acquiring new customers more efficiently. Moreover, by offering complementary services alongside these companies, you can enhancing your value proposition.

Customer Sourced Leads

Roofing leads originating from referrals boast one of the highest closing ratios due to the established trust. Hence, it's crucial to obtain leads from signs, referrals, and past customers. Local businesses enjoy an advantage in this aspect. While waiting for your online presence to expand, investing additional time with existing customers to build rapport can generate more work.


Yard signs and truck magnets can significantly boost your roofing company's visibility. When your sales team places a sign in a yard at the time of sale, your company could potentially benefit from several weeks of free advertising. Additionally, many new customers may be attracted through your trucks and subcontractors displaying your logo on their vehicles and trailers.

Referral Incentives

Determine your average cost per lead, let's say it's $200, and convert that into a referral bonus. This bonus can be offered to both existing customers and your team for successful referrals. Print the referral bonus on cards and distribute them widely. Additionally, consider giving every customer a gift card offering a discount for future services.


Unfortunately, customers may lose your contact information or forget your name over time, so it's imperative to stay top of mind. This can be achieved through nurturing plans, such as sending low-cost gifts, cards, email marketing, and more to past customers. Some companies specialize in this aspect of marketing, or you could create your own nurturing plan to ensure ongoing engagement and retention.

DIY Leads

While these three platforms—YouTube, Facebook, and LinkedIn—can all be outsourced to an agency, managing them yourself gives you a special advantage. Potential customers love seeing the personal side of a roofing business, so you can post videos and content that show people what it's like to work with you.


YouTube is one of the largest search engines, and being owned by Google, it's a powerful resource for both SEO and search-related queries. When your customers have questions about roofing contractors, they often turn to YouTube for answers. It's an excellent platform for educational material, setting you apart from others in the roofing industry.

FaceBook, a.k.a. Meta

Facebook posts can appear in Google search results, meaning that as your Meta page grows in followers and content, you can anticipate its presence in local SEO results. Facebook serves as an excellent platform for showcasing your work and educating customers. Additionally, any videos you create on your YouTube channel can also be shared on Meta.


Another powerful social media tool is LinkedIn, offering you the capability to engage with prospects within the commercial segment of the roofing industry. Through LinkedIn, you can advertise, highlight your projects, and maintain connections with property managers, builders, and business owners.

Team Generated Leads

These are ways your team can work together to generate leads. From the sales team to the crew, everyone can play a part in reaching potential customers. When you motivate and instill pride in your team, they can become your greatest advocates. Incentive programs can be an effective way to motivate both the office and field teams.


The crew, managers, and salespeople will all have a good reason to knock on neighbors' doors near every job site. Offer free inspections or promotions for similar work. For every project you complete, there's a high likelihood that other homes in the neighborhood may have similar issues. Committing to knocking on five doors for every job can substantially increase the number of conversations you have with potential customers.


The crew, managers, and salespeople will all have a good reason to knock on neighbors' doors near every job site. Offer free inspections or promotions for similar work. For every project you complete, there's a high likelihood that other homes in the neighborhood may have similar issues. Committing to knocking on five doors for every job can substantially increase the number of conversations you have with potential customers.

Account Reps

The roofing industry encompasses more than just residential and commercial roofing. There are other facets of the industry that require different strategies, such as new construction, government jobs, HOAs, apartments, and so on. If you pick one area to grow into, hire an account rep to cultivate and own that facet of the market, and you will see a whole new world open up to you.

Traditional Marketing

Start with a compelling value proposition, ensure that what you're offering is valuable enough to be remembered and to distinguish yourself from the competition. If you have a high value offer, then it will perform better in traditional marketing. Always prioritize digital marketing first and then consider branching out into traditional methods that align with your ideal clients. If executed correctly, these traditional methods can complement your existing digital marketing efforts.


A common mistake is to use billboards solely for information, but when you observe the largest brands in the world utilizing billboards, they effectively communicate a thousand words with just a picture. Keeping it simple is key; offer value that is unforgettable and ensure it stands out from the rest. Renting a billboard close to a neighborhood with high foot traffic can significantly increase its impact and effectiveness.


Similar to billboards, mailers need to be simple and focused on grabbing attention with an amazing offer. Consider it from your standpoint: how compelling would an offer need to be for you to respond to a mailer? Strategically send them to past customers, as everyone who has had a roof repair will eventually need a replacement. Consistency is key; a large volume in a small area is better than the opposite approach.

Email Marketing

Email marketing can be utilized to attract prospects and nurture existing customers. However, since inboxes are heavily guarded against spam, you'll need to strategically invite people to sign up and provide unique value. Prospects will require content that educates them on the decisions they're making before purchasing a roof, while existing customers will benefit from information about upcoming discounts, referral bonuses, and additional services.

Su Vista Marketing, By a Roofer For a Roofer

As a digital marketing agency tailored specifically for the roofing industry, we bring invaluable insights derived from years of hands-on experience within a successful roofing company. With expertise gained both on the roof and in lead generation, we possess a deep understanding of your customer base and roofing practices, giving us a strategic edge over generic agencies. Our specialized knowledge allows us to craft highly effective marketing strategies that resonate with your audience and drive tangible results.

Partnering with us ensures that your roofing business receives tailored strategies designed to maximize growth and success. Whether you're looking to enhance your online presence, generate more leads, or expand into new markets, we're here to guide you every step of the way. Contact us today for a complimentary audit and consultation, and let's embark on a journey towards unlocking the full potential of your roofing business.


What is best advertising for roofing company?

If you're seeking immediate results, consider advertising on Google using PPC and Local Services ads. For new companies, prioritize launching your Google business page, accumulating 200+ reviews, and actively seeking referrals from existing customers. If your goal is longterm growth with qualified local leads with a low CPL, investing in SEO is your best bet. While there are many other tactics to explore, these strategies serve as an excellent starting point.

How can I increase my roofing sales?

To elevate sales, focus on refining the behaviors that drive higher closing ratios. At times, a company may need to recruit and terminate staff strategically or appoint a sales manager who can deliver tangible results. With each customer interaction, there lies an opportunity to secure smaller-ticket sales and cultivate referrals, underscoring the need for an active plan to leverage these opportunities.

What is the best platform for roofing advertising?

Depends on the platforms you are considering. Your website offers you the greatest control and can serve as your strongest source of leads, all achieved through SEO. However, if you're choosing among social media platforms, we recommend YouTube, which provides you with the opportunity to create content on a search-based platform. This means that your customers are actively seeking information about their purchasing decisions on YouTube, presenting you with the chance to win them over.


How much do roofing companies spend on marketing?

Every industry is different, but in roofing, 3% is the industry norm. While some may go as high as 10%, we recommend starting at 3% and evaluating from there. Ultimately, you want to know your desired cost per lead, which will vary across platforms. When you measure the company average, a reasonable CPL will be between $100-$200. As you build that into your pricing and improve your closing ratio, it will free you up to be more aggressive in the overall amount you allocate towards your marketing budget.

Su Vista was launched after years of experience on the roof and successfully running a roofing company. With extensive expertise in installing roofs, in-home sales, and roofing marketing, I set out to build a marketing company specifically designed for roofers.

The following strategies have been refined and proven through real-world application, resulting in tangible success for the companies I've been involved with. I confident these tactics will helping your company reach new levels

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