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Social Media Marketing For Roofers

You Need More Than A Post

You have to measure the ROI, not every platform is effective for roofing. For example, spend an hour on an email and it will stop working for you 24-hours after you send it. Spend an hour on a video for youtube and it will work for years to come.  

Why Social Media Can Fail

The algorithms are designed to motivate engagement, so interact, respond to comments, ask questions and start conversations. Bring value, don't be another company that screams "we are the best". Consider the buying stages, YouTube is for Awareness and Consideration, IG is for branding, Ads are for Decision stage. 

ROI Of Social Media Marketing For Roofers

Let's look at the ROI and best practice for how to use social media marketing for roofers. 


What's the ROI on your time creating social media posts? When you spend 30 minutes to an hour creating a post for your social media. That post only works for you for the next 24 to 45-hours. Compare this to spending that same hour creating a video or a blog, which would continue showing up in searches and work for you for years to come. 


So you need to think about the ROI of your effort. I say this because some people get really excited about social media and they neglect the effort of building out their website, which is of greater value than a post. 


Free Posting VS Paid Ads

Social media marketing for roofers can be done with both paid ads or free posts. Since you can post for free, it's a great idea to always be posting. I would encourage you to get your own personal brand as the owner of the company and post on there as well. You don’t have to try and sell people on your personal brand. Just post fun photos or content that show people what you're doing throughout the day. On your company brand is where you would put more info about your services and offers. 


Paid Ads On Social Media

You’ve probably heard stories of people who tried to do social media marketing for roofers. They started doing paid advertising on social media but it didn’t work so they stopped doing it. Sound familiar? There's a few reasons for why this happens. 


It’s important to remember that a paid ad is a bit more tricky because there are a lot of facets that go into it. It's more than just putting money behind a post in order to make it work. You have to think about things like the image or the video, is it going to catch someone's attention when they scroll through their feed. 


Also, you’ll want to consider the demographics that you’re targeting. You can be very detailed about the location, lifestyle and so on. Perhaps you’ve tried one demographic but not the other. Next you have locations and the words of your ads. Do the words catch the attention of your reader? 


All that to say, there is a lot that goes into social media marketing for roofers. it’s not a simple post. So if you aren’t getting results, you might need to try different tactics.


Once you post an ad you want to watch the data and make changes as needed to figure out how to make it work for your location, demographic and offer. It’s time consuming, it’s not a quick fix. 


Which Platform To Use For Social Media Marketing

What is the best platform when doing social media marketing for roofers? There are a lot to choose from, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and more. Think about where your users are, and what information you want to give. Youtube tends to be educational videos so you can educate your customers on youtube. Instagram tends to be more visual so you can put nice photos of your roofing projects and what your company is doing. Or before and after photos of your job. 


It’s important to pick one platform starting off and be consistent. Don’t spread yourself thin by trying to do every platform at once. Start with one, build momentum before starting another one. 


Engagement On Social Media

We don’t want to forget that the reason social media exists is to bring people together and build community. So it’s important to engage with your customers on the platforms. Ask questions, answer questions, talk to people. If they comment, say something back, don’t just like their comment. Build a connection even if it’s little. People remember how you make them feel.

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