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Roofing Website Design

Design, Build & Get Leads

Unfortunately far too many people build a site that doesn't generate leads because they don't include the basics of roofer SEO. We will not only build you a site but include the SEO needed to get you started.

Every Roofer Needs These 

Your website is often the first conversation that your company will have with a possible roofing customer. So it's important to not just brag about your company but also to put roofer specific information on the page. 

A Profesional Website Design

Your roofing company has unique characteristics that need to be showcased so that you stand apart from the competition. Your site will tell a story and guide people to contact you.

Leads From Their Website

A good website will generate leads. Which means you will need your site to be found on google, easy to navigate so customers know how to contact you and sign up for a roof estimate.

A website without SEO is simply a digital business card. 

We build your site and optimize it as the same time so that it shows up on Google. 

We will build your site and optimize it at the same time. 

Designed For Leads

How To Get Leads From Your Website Design

It's not enough to just have a site. You also need to make sure your customers understand the services you offer, what makes you different, and how to contact you.


You also need your site to be found on search engines like google and just because you have a site created doesn't mean it will be found. 

We don't just build you a site that looks good, we also position you to be found on google and for your site to actually convert. 

To set up a winning roofing website design, there are a few things to consider. You want to set up your website so that customers find the information they need and convert. That is, contact you, fill out a form, etc.  

When you have your website, there are a lot of things that we could talk about regarding helping your customer so to start off, we are going to cover a few pig picture roofing website design ideas. 


The Buyer's Journey Identify Compare And Decision

An often forgotten aspect to marketing is the journey that your customer goes on. The first thing your customer does when they have a leak is to identify what's happening with their roof, where is the water coming from, and how do they fix it. They are in the early stages of their buyers journey, identifying


Once they identify it’s the pipe collar leaking or the whole roof needs to be replaced, they go into the comparison stage. Here they compare things like one shingle brand vs another. Or this pipe collar vs that collar. This company vs another company. 


After they determine the answer to the comparison, they go into the final stage where they make the final decision. So it’s important for your website to have content for each of those stages. The identifying, comparing and decision stage. 


On your website you need information about each stage. You don’t want your site to be just a bunch of bragging. If your customer is ready to buy, you need an easy way for them to do so. 


Communicating Who What and Where

The moment a customer lands on your page, they are asking three questions. Who is this company, what services do they provide and where do they provide those services? 


For who, you want your company name and branding to be clear. You might even want to go further and have clear pictures of you and your team. People love doing business with people. It makes you more trustworthy if they can put a face to the brand. 


The “what” is going to be what you do. The services you provide, if it’s just repair and not replacement. Or if it’s only metal roofing and no shingle roofs. If you cover a specialty service you want that to be clear. If you offer skylight replacement but prefer to focus on metal roofing leads, then make the metal roofing the prominent statement. 


Finally, the “where,” people want to know if you are in their area. 


CTA And Roofing Website Design

This stands for Call To Action. Which is basically clearly communicating the next step you want your customer to make. Is it setting an appointment, calling you, filling out a form? Or is it signing up for an email list or to get a PDF with more roofing information. 


You want to have clear roofing website design that communicates what you want your customers to do. 


Easy Contact

It’s important that you make it extremely easy for your customers to contact you. They should be able to find a form or a “Contact us” button or a phone number the moment they land on your site. 


Because as we all know, your goal for a quality roofing website design is about getting leads. So the last thing we want is for someone to land on our site and not know where to go. 


User Experience 

This is a large topic but in short, the layout of your roofing website will communicate to your user, what to look at first, what to read first and so on. For example, if you have really big red font and really small black font, the human eye will naturally go to the big red font. 


It’s the same with your page layout. Whatever buttons are highlighted are going to catch people's attention. The size of the font, the location and order of the font tell people what to look at first and what to read first. 


There is a bit of psychology behind it all. The goal is to communicate to your reader, the moment they land on your page, what to read first, and in what order. You want to clearly guide them to click on the right buttons. 


If you have text in the color and buttons in the color red, it's going to confuse the reader as to what is a button and what is text. If they get confused, they might scroll through your site aimlessly and then eventually leave the website because they get confused. 


So set up your roofing website design to make it easy for customers to know what to do and where to go. 

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