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How to Get Guaranteed Roofing Leads

One of the unfortunate dynamics that roofers need to look out for is shared leads. You know what we're talking about: you sign up for a lead generation service, and they give you new customers to talk to, but it turns out that five other roofers also got the same customer.


This is why guaranteed roofing leads, exclusive roofing leads, are so important for a business. If we are going to buy roofing leads, we want to be the only business talking to the homeowner.

But you don't have to rely on a third-party service for exclusive leads. You can generate them yourself, which I'll explain in this article.

What Are Guaranteed Roofing Leads?

A guaranteed lead is what third-party services offer contractors, promising high-quality and sometimes screened calls. These companies are referred to as lead generators or lead aggregators. But a guaranteed roofing lead is also something you can generate on your own via your website, using the same tactics these companies employ.

If you are new to the roofing industry, then a lead generation service will sound appealing. But as you grow your business, you will find that you also have the same opportunities to generate exclusive roofing leads.

The unfortunate part about these third-party companies is that they sometimes share the leads or simply don't deliver. This is why investing in your own marketing will ultimately be the best strategy for long-term business growth

The Secret Behind Lead Generation Companies

A surprising secret that most lead generation companies don't want you to know is that you have the power to do the same thing with your website and marketing. Lead generation companies have invested heavily in SEO, website design, and Google ads, all of which afford them the ability to cast a wide net and implement their lead generation strategies.

The only reason companies like Angie's show up at the top of organic search results is because they invested in Search Engine Optimization. They even buy and create other websites that don't look like their brand in order to gain a greater portion of the market.

You can do the same SEO and advertising on the same keywords to turn your website into a lead-generating machine, which I'll explain in this article.

Start Getting Your Own Guaranteed Roofing Leads

I have good news for you: you can promote your roofing services without using third-party lead generation companies. You can improve your own marketing to generate leads for your roofing business, and I'm going to show you exactly how to do that.

1. Invest In Search Engine Optimization.

SEO is one of the main ways companies are able to generate so many leads and then sell them to roofers. They create pages on their site targeting keywords related to all your roofing services. As a result, their website is at the top of organic search results. You can do the same thing, and the wonderful thing is that your Cost Per Lead (CPL) from SEO leads will always be less than any third-party service.

Start creating content or hire a marketing agency to do this for you. Make sure the content on your site follows the standards required by Google to maintain rankings. I promise you, this will result in high-quality leads for you. Whether you need roof repair leads or commercial roofing leads, both can be obtained through SEO.

One last and beautiful point about SEO: The money you invest in good SEO will continue to produce new leads for years to come, even after you stop investing.

2. Begin Advertising on Google And Bing

There are both simple and complicated ways to get new leads from Google advertising. One of the easiest ways to get started is with Google Local Service Ads. They offer a pay-per-lead system that allows you to select the services you want leads for, only pay for the leads you get, and dispute them if they are bad.

Next would be advertising on both Google and Bing, where you can connect your website and target specific keywords. If you target keywords that have a high buying intent, then you are more likely to generate qualified roofing leads. Google Ads can be difficult because it requires a lot of skill and strategy, so we recommend hiring an agency that knows both roofing and marketing.

And don't forget Bing, one of the largest search engines and a great place for a roofing contractor to advertise. There are a lot of potential customers that use Bing as their primary search engine.

3. Make Your Website User Friendly

If you've ever been on one of the websites known for guaranteed roofing leads, you'll quickly see they have a user-friendly design and process. It's easy for people to select the services they need and then find a contractor. This type of website design is called UX design, which stands for User Experience.

You can create a dedicated landing page with a similar funnel, asking the right questions to ensure high-quality leads. And make sure it's easy to navigate your website, with clear calls to action, and communication of your services.

When people land on your business website, you want them to know right away who you are, what you do, and your service area. If they are confused or if it takes too long to find the info they need, the likelihood of them leaving your site and clicking on a competitor is high.

Lead Generation At Your Fingertips

Aside from the more common ways of getting qualified leads, I wanted to share some ideas you can start implementing today. These tactics have helped multiple roofing companies across the US grow their business and produce exclusive leads for themselves.

  • Offer a new service closely related to your existing service. For example, if you provide roofing, reach out to your past customers and offer siding, windows, insulation, or gutters.

  • Nurture past customers. Keep a list of all your past customers and regularly stay in touch, either through email, social media, or print mail. Every roof repair customer will need a replacement eventually, and the easiest sale is to a past customer.

  • Create a referral bonus incentive for both customers and employees. Figure out what your company CPL is and offer that as the referral bonus. A lead from a referral has a higher closing ratio than an internet lead.

  • Explore new markets in the roofing industry. If you primarily focus on residential, try commercial or government contracts. Commercial has multiple unequal markets as well, from new construction to HOAs and more.

FAQ About Guaranteed Roofing Leads

How much do leads cost?

It depends on the platform you're using to get leads, the geographical area, competition, and the skill of the marketer. For example, at the time of writing this, the keyword "roof replacement" costs twice as much in Maryland compared to Florida, so the cost of that lead also tends to be higher.

The type of service also affects the price. A gutter lead costs less than a window replacement lead. But generally speaking, a lead from advertising can cost between $50 and $200 per lead. Compare that to an SEO lead, which can be as low as $25 to $75.

What is the best platform for roofing advertising?


The best platforms are the ones that you have control over, such as your website. Aside from that, I would strongly recommend getting more reviews on your Google Business Profile because that platform can outperform so many others when it comes to getting local leads.

If you're just starting out in the roofing industry, get reviews and advertise on Google Guaranteed, also known as Google Local Services and Google Ads. Next, invest in SEO and follow that up with YouTube.

How much do roofers spend on marketing?

Typically, it's around 3% of the company's revenue. But there is no exact rule. I've seen companies generate so many referrals through good work that their budget was less than 1%. I've seen others who spend more than 3%.


The key is to supplement marketing spend with good old-fashioned man-hours to generate leads, for example, asking for referrals and building key networking relationships.

How can I increase my roofing sales?

The first part of your sales conversation happens before your sales rep even meets the customer. Your marketing tells a story and sets the stage, and the person answering your phone plays a huge part in securing that lead from the start. Additionally, being consistent in the sales process will make a significant difference.

Guaranteed Roofing Leads From Su Vista

After years of working solely in the roofing industry, Su Vista has risen to the top of the list for companies looking for guaranteed roofing leads. Our team is capable of growing your marketing no matter where you are in your journey. Whether you're just starting out or a seasoned roofer, we have the tools in place to help you grow your company and get more leads.

Our services cover all aspects of roofing marketing, from traditional methods to digital marketing. Whether you need help with social media or your website, we are here to assist you. We offer free audits of your current marketing and will provide you with a strategy to take your company to the next level and reach more clients

Our services consist of the following:

How Su Vista Helps Roofing Businesses Win

We've been there; we literally know the struggle. From working on a roof to growing a roofing company. As a result of years in the roofing industry, we have an advantage that gives us, and ultimately you, a competitive edge.

Our skills extend beyond marketing strategies and into the world of roofing. We are able to craft tailored marketing for your company because we've actually sat across the table from a homeowner and sold them a roof.

Our experience as roofers has given us the advantage in marketing, which is why we created a marketing company specifically for roofers. So if you're ready to take your brand to new levels, contact us today, and we'll give you a free marketing audit.

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