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Helping People Find Your Company With SEO

Search Engine Optimization is what helps people find your site when they search for roofing related things on Google.

It takes more than just a few SEO tricks, you have to know roofing to create the best content for search engines to find your site.

There are so many aspects to SEO for roofers. You can set the foundation for your site with some basic SEO or you can aggressively build out your site to compete with the competition.

SEO Makes All The Difference

Your Site Without SEO
Your Site With SEO

What Your Website Needs

Here is a list of some of the key companions of SEO and how they benefit your roofing company.


With our Roofing SEO, we will set up your website so that your customers can find you in the specific city you desire. In order for a customer in a nearby city to find you, you need location pages that are optimized for search engines. 

Website Speed

Google only wants to show the fastest websites that have the best information for the end user. So it's very important to identify what parts of your website are causing it to run slowly and optimize it for speed. 


You need to have content that is written for both google and the end user. It needs to answer specific questions that your customer has and more. There are specific guidelines that google is looking for, such as, having no less than 600 words per blog. 

Citations And Backlinks

You need to have other sites pointing to your site. Such as a news article or a business listing like a local Chamber Of Commerce. Their links to your roofing website communicate to google that your site is credible. 

Benefits Of Roofer SEO

What Comes With A Free Analysis?

When you contact us for a free analysis, we will perform a website audit to see how it is performing on google. We will then identify what is working or what can be improved. We will show you how your site matches up against your main competitors what people are searching to find your site and more. 

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