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How To Generate Leads With Creative Roofing Ads

There's no doubt that creative advertising can be an incredibly effective way to generate new leads for your business. But coming up with creative ideas isn't always easy - especially if you're not sure where to start.

That's why we've put together this guide on how to generate creative roofing ads. We'll start by brainstorming some ideas, and then move on to designing the ad itself. Be sure to use eye-catching colors and graphics that will draw attention to your product. And lastly, make sure to include a call to action that will encourage customers to contact you for more information.

By following these tips, you can create an ad that will help your business get more leads and grow your business. So let's get started!

Brainstorming Creative Ideas

The first step in creating a creative ad is to brainstorm some ideas. To get started, think about what makes your roofing business unique. What sets you apart from the competition?

Once you have a few ideas, start thinking about how you can communicate those features in an eye-catching and creative way. Consider using humor, shock value, or even just a simple but clever tagline.

You also want to determine where the ads will be shown, will it be on the internet, a truck magnet, or a billboard? 

Designing The Ad

Once you have a general idea of what you want your ad to look like, it's time to start designing it. Use bright colors and interesting graphics to grab attention. And make sure to include a call to action that tells customers what they need to do next - whether it's visiting your website or giving you a call.

Keep in mind that where you are posting your roofing ad will influence what you put on it. For example, if you are posting a billboard ad, you'll want to keep it simple and to the point so a person can catch the idea while speeding down the road. But if you're running a print ad in a local magazine, you can ad more information and text.

Social media ads need to be short and concise as well, but you can use creative visuals to make them more effective. Humor is a great way to go with social media ads.

Designing creative roofing ads for Google Adwords is a bit different. Google Adwords puts more emphasis on the text of your ad, because you are advertising to people who are ready to buy. So make sure to craft a catchy headline and include relevant keywords that potential customers might use when searching for roofing services.

No matter what type of ad you're creating, always keep your target audience in mind. What will appeal to them? What will make them want to learn more about your roofing business?

Including A Call To Action

If your roofing ad is for the sake of branding, then a CTA isn't as important. But aside from that, it's important to include a call to action. This is what tells customers what they need to do next - whether it's visiting your website or giving you a call.

Without a call to action, your ad will be much less effective. So make sure to include one that is clear and easy to follow.

CTA Examples

  • Protect your house today

  • Call today

  • Schedule a free inspection

  • Talk to a pro

  • Get a quote

  • Visit our website

Examples Of Creative Roofing Ads

When designing a creative roofing ad, it's important to consider all of the factors listed below. This list will help you think through the different parts of an advertisement so you can create the best ad for your roofing company.

Who Is The Ad For?

You can either create an ad for a broad audience or a narrow group of people. An advertisement for a broad audience is one that covers a lot of information in order to be effective for the majority of people. A narrow group is one where you focus on a specific group of people and make your ad creative based on their wants, needs, or pain points.

Is your ad for homeowners or business owners? For addressing storm damage or maintenance? What type of storm damage? Is it for people who have been burned by other roofing contractors or is it for new homeowners?

There is a huge advantage for targeting a smaller specific audience because you can speak to the needs and pains of those individuals. So you are more likely to win them over with your message.

What Do You Want Them To Do?

The whole point of an advertisement is to get people to do something. That could be visiting your website, calling you, or requesting a quote.

Your call to action needs to be clear and easy for the customer to follow through on. The last thing you want is for someone to see your ad and think “That’s a great company, I should look them up sometime.” You want people to take action right away while they are considering your company.

Choosing A Picture

Pictures communicate emotions. It can either portray the emotion someone will feel when they hire you or the emotion they will feel if because they've hired the wrong company. Or the emotion they have when experience a leaking roof.

Your ad should include a picture that is relevant to the message you are trying to communicate. For example, if you want to show off your workmanship, you could include a before and after photo of one of your roofing projects. If you want to show that you are a trustworthy company, you could include a picture of your team working on a roof.

You could also use creative visuals, like cartoons or graphics, to get people’s attention.

Text And Font

While you want your creative roofing ads to catch the attention of your audience, it's helpful to keep in mind that font can make or brake an ad.

Your ad should be easy to read so people can quickly understand your message. You also want to make sure the font is big enough that it can be seen from a distance. And lastly, you don't want to use too many different fonts in one ad. This will make your ad look cluttered and unprofessional.

People will first read the text that is the largest or the text that is the brightest color. So keep this in mind when creating the ad.

Color Mean Something

Every color has an association to it. For example, blue is often seen as calming while yellow is seen as happy. Black can be seen as powerful or foreboding.

When designing your creative roofing ad, think about the feeling you want to communicate and choose colors that will help portray that emotion.

You should also avoid using too many colors in one ad. This will make your ad look busy and can be overwhelming for people. A good idea is to use the colors of your company brand to help connect the dots for people as they see your ads across town.

Message And Feeling Of The Ad

What feeling do you want to portray to your potential customer? Some feeling to consider are trustworthiness, friendliness, power, and helpfulness. You can use different types of words, pictures, and colors to create the feeling in your creative roofing ad.

For example, if you want to show that you are a trustworthy company, you could use words like family-owned, established, or experienced. If you want to show that you are a friendly company, you could use words like local, family-friendly, or customer-focused. If you want to show that you are a powerful company, you could use words like the best, top-rated, or number one. If you want to show that you are a helpful company, you could use words like free, no-obligation, or 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

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