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Commercial Roofing Leads

Here are ten ways you can get commercial roofing leads. If you’re looking to expand your business from residential roofing into commercial roofing, this is for you. Because B2B sales can be slightly different than your typical residential leads. 


Commercial roofing leads tend to come as larger projects, some of which have extensive bidding processes or a longer sales cycle. It all depends on the type of commercial you want to get into. 

SEO For Commercial Roofing Leads

This stands for search engine optimization. It’s the work that you do on your website to make it show up on google. You can do this specifically geared towards commercial roofing. You will want to create content on your website where you talk about commercial roofing from all different aspects of the buyers journey. The more content you put on your company website that is set up and optimized for google, the more traffic you will get to your site and the easier it will be for customers to find you when they search for commercial roofing. 


Property Managers. 

If you are looking to get into doing work for condo associations or any sort of large commercial buildings, there will most likely be property managers. You will want to start building relationships with these managers, and doing repairs for them in order to maintain that relationship until they are ready for the larger projects. 


Be consistent and maintain good communication with them. Show them that you are the contractor to call whenever they have an issue. Build that reputation and they will call you with commercial roofing leads when the larger jobs come along. Managers also know other managers, so as you build that relationship, you can ask them to introduce you to other managers. 


General Contractors 

Network with general contractors who don’t do roofing or who need a reliable roofer. Some general contractors only work on interior projects and they need a roofer. Or if you want to get into new construction, which can require a different business model, these contractors would be a great source. 


Some contractors have ongoing relationships with restaurant chains and this can bring in a steady flow of commercial roofing leads. 


Government Jobs

Search on google for where they are posting Government jobs. You will want to find the local city Government or state Government site that has projects. If you can’t find it on google, try asking around to your local permitting office 


Facility Managers

Another great opportunity for commercial roofing leads is facility managers. They are the gatekeepers for many repairs and when the day comes for a full roof replacement, they will get you a meeting with the decision maker. 


There are also associations where facility managers come together. You can join these groups as a vendor and promote your services. 


The Blue Book Network

Large commercial jobs are posted on this platform. You have to pay to be a part of it but you will see many commercial roofing leads that come from this source. Since a lot of these jobs will be large commercial bids, you will most likely need a dedicated estimator who knows how to handle large projects like this and can run through RFPs easily. 



Google ads, PPC ads, all the same thing, just different ways to say it. With these you can be very specific on location, demographics and so on. So if you want to start breaking into a specific type of commercial roofing, you can narrow your ad focus down to those types. 


Trade Shows

These require some careful planning in order to make them profitable. You need a good system in place for how you will manage the inquiries that come to you. You will want a strategy for how your team will interact with the people at the trade show and how they will follow up with them. Be careful not to just throw a sales person behind a table and expect results. Trade shows are tricky and you need to be strategic. This topic requires a whole page of its own. 



Asking your residential customers if they know any business owners and see if those people own a building. Network inside of the commercial jobs you’ve gotten in the past. Ask building owners for ideas on where to meet other building owners. Talk to commercial real estate agents for any contacts they might have. 


FaceBook And Linkedin

You can run ads on both of these platforms as well as post for free. Create content that is relevant to the clients. Engage with them on the platform by having genuine conversations with them. Run ads and be specific with demographics, location, etc when you run the ads.

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