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Strategy How To Get More Roofing Leads

Here are some strategies for how to get more roofing leads. I’m going to give some big picture perspectives for when it comes to strategizing for your marketing and then I'm going to give a list of all the different marketing platforms that you could be using at this moment.

Small vs Large Roofing Company

To start off, is your company a large or small company? Depending on the side of your company your strategy will change a little bit. When you're small you want to use as many free marketing options as possible. 


To give you an example, posting on Facebook is free but running an advertisement on Facebook costs money. So it's good to lean towards more free options like YouTube or creating content on your website.  Video and content on your website are extremely important so if you're in a small company, definitely do that. 


If you are a larger company you want to think about things like ramping up your content promotion. You might be used to creating one blog for the website every month. Now you can do four blogs or eight blogs. Part of that will come from your ability to hire a good team to help you produce more marketing. 


There’s a whole lot more we can get into regarding how to get more roofing leads for small and large companies. But this gives a short example of the difference between small company where you rely on yourself and a large company where you rely on your team.


How To Get More Roofing Leads, Inbound/Outbound

Inbound leads are when the leads are coming to you and that's an ideal scenario. For example, any marketing that causes leads to come to you is an inbound lead. Your company website being the main source. Inbound would be things like PPC or SEO which would produce inbound. 


Outbound is where you produce the lead from your own efforts. Like going out and knocking on doors. Outbound would also be where you reach out to past customers or attend networking groups. These are tasks that you and your team can do. 


So it’s helpful to evaluate which one you are stronger in and which one you lacking. And remember that both play a part in how to get more roofing leads. 


New Customers Or Existing Customers

Everyone wants the new customers, and so we sometimes forget the existing customer. So let’s look at a few things. 


Your existing customers are going to be the easiest ones to sell more work to because they already trust you. Anything that you can do to stay top-of-mind for them is the goal. Reach out to  them, make sure that you're always showing up on social platforms so they see you. 

You want them to see your company and your brand. Staying top of mind will increase your chances of them giving you more referrals or introducing you to neighbors. 


The key thing to remember here is that your existing customers are a huge source for your company, not just new customers.


List Of Available Lead Generating Platforms

If you’re wondering how to get more roofing leads, here is a list of platforms that you can be using to bring in leads.


The Owners Personal Brand. 

The first one is going to be the owner's personal brand. For example, you have your company's Instagram page, but  with you as the owner you should have your own Instagram page. Or whatever platform you prefer. 


A lot of people out there that know you personally might not pay attention to your company and forget that you own it. They care about you and they're going to watch your posts and every now and then you're going to be posting pictures of yourself on a roof or at work. This provides another more personal way to promote your company. No in a selling way, just be yourself. I mention personal brand specifically because we always think of company brand but your personal brand is also important 

Job site signs

Easily forgotten but very important


Search Engine Optimization, that's what you do to your website to make sure it gets found on google .


The more blogs you can create that are of good quality will be helpful.


Advertising on Google Adwords and Bing

Social Media Ads

Advertising on Social media. Running social media ads. 

Google My Business

Which is your map listing. It’s very important to stay active on there. 


Emailing past customers


Finding other influencing people in your city who can promote your company

Cross Marketing

For example, if you know someone who builds decks, they can promote you and vice versa.


Start with Google reviews and once you outperform the competition on Google reviews, then you can focus on other platforms like the BBB.

Google Local Services.

It’s a lead generator that is different from Google PPC ads. 

Direct mail
Print and magazines
Door Knocking
Past customers
Employees personal brands

Encourage your team to post on their social media platforms

Networking groups
Events like home shows. 
Property manager associations
Facility manager associations
Sales culture.

By how they interact with your customers and the houses around your customers. They can get reviews and close more leads. 

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