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SEO Tools For Beginners

Look no further, here is a list of SEO tools for beginners, along with a few ways to use these tools to help improve how your website performs on search engines. Most of these tools are free and will help get you started with building a solid foundation for your website. 


It’s not enough to just have a website because without following the guidelines for SEO, your website won’t show up on Google or rank the way you prefer it to. So by using these SEO tools, you will be able to see how your site is performing and what changes need to be made. 

Google Search Console

A free tool provided by google that connects to your website. It gives you data on how your site is performing, what terms people are searching that cause your site to show up and any problems that need addressing. 


Connecting Google Search Console to your website can be tricky, so have your web developer or SEO team take care of it. 


Once it’s connected, it will give you a report of how many impressions you are getting. Impressions are the amount of times your site shows up in search results after someone types a keyword into Google. 


You can also see what keywords people are using that cause your site to show up. Imagine getting 100k impresion for the wrong keywords, it would be worthless. This helps you monitor the keywords to make sure they are relevant to your services. 


Occasionally your site will have technical issues that will hinder its performance on google. This SEO tool will help you identify them so you know what to fix. For example, if something is wrong with the mobile site or if your font is too small. 


In order for your site to show up on Google, the search engine has to know that your site exists. Indexing is the process of Google finding your site and knowing what content is on there so it can show it to users. Google Search Console helps you index your site. 


This barely scratches the surface for this tool. But out of all the tools mentioned, this is most important of the SEO tools for beginners. I recommend starting with this one. 


Google Analytics

The reason this tool made the list of SEO tools for beginners is exhaustive. The amount of data that this tool gives is too much for one simple paragraph. So we’ll stick to just a few of the features and how it will help you with your SEO. 


In general, Google Analytics shows you what people are doing on your site, how much traffic you had, where it came from, and demographics. It will also tell you how long or short of a time people were on each page of your site. 


Connecting Google Analytics to your site is also something you’ll probably want to have your developer or SEO team handle for you. But once it’s up, it will be a powerful tool to see your traffic year over year and watch the growth of your search engine optimization. 


Google Keyword Planner

Just ask the name suggests, this tool will help you find keywords to use on your site. It shows you how many monthly searches are made for that keyword and how difficult it will be to rank for that word. And the best part about it is that it’s free. 


You can use this tool to see what keywords people are using in general or in your specific city. It will help you plan the content and topics to write about. If you see that a search phrase has a high monthly source volume, consider writing a blog about that topic to help your customers find the information they need. 


Website CMS Plugins

CMS stands for Content Management System. This is the backend of your site that you log into in order to create pages and edit content. Some common CMS’s would be Wordpress or Wix. You can build and manage your site on these. 


These CMSs also have SEO tools for beginners that they call plugins. The plugin will help guide you through the process of building SEO value into your site. Some of these tools and features are free. 


Website plugins for SEO will help you see if you have duplicate content, enough keywords, proper H1 heading and more. This will help get you started on building your website out so that it follows the search engine guidelines. 


More SEO Tools

Everything mentioned above are the free SEO tools for beginners. Next we have tools that you have to pay for and they cover a whole lot of information in them. Tools like SEMRush, Moz or Ahrefs to name a few. These tools will monitor your website SEO, give you ideas and data for how to improve almost every aspect of your site. 


These tools don’t stand along, you’ll still need tools like Google Search Console. But this will give you an even greater advantage and help you take your roofer SEO to a whole new level. Keep in mind, the amount of detail these tools will give you can be overwhelming. So take it in small bite sizes. 

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