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Roofing Logo

Roofing Logo Examples

As you look at the roofing logo examples below, notice how some of them have the same image and wording but in a different order. This gives the example that you can use the same shape or image but in different ways to fit your style and look. 

roofing logo example
example of roofing logos

Typically a logo will have some element of a house or roof top in the logo. A logo can be either an image or an image plus text or just text. For example, the Nike logo is seen in all three ways.

brand logo comparison

In the example above we see the same company logo displayed in three different ways. Which is an option for you as well. 


There are also two different shapes that you can make your logo into, as seen in the picture below. 

different styles of logos

It’s a good idea to have a few variations of your logo so you can use it in different ways depending on the platform you are using it in. And keep in mind your website design since you’ll want a consistent theme. 


How To Make A Roofing Logo

There are a few elements that make up a good logo, and while you can use a free tool like Canva, which has many great examples, you want to keep these elements in mind.  A good logo will have a style theme, font, color, image, and file type.

logo explanation

Choose a font that is easy to read and that also fits the theme of your company. Some fonts are fun and creative while others are more professional. Some communicate elegance while others communicate confidence. For example, the difference between a bold text and thin font. Once commands attention the other is more subtle. 


The color should match the colors that you’ve already chosen for your company. You will want a color that you will be comfortable with for a long time. 


Layout designs of a roofing logo can be seen in the options above. Some are square shaped and others are rectangle. You’ll want to create at least two versions of the same logo. One with the image, and the other with the image and text. 


With an image, you want to make sure it communicates the message you want it to. It could be professional, commercial buildings, modern and so on. The roofing logo image communicates a feeling, it could be edgy, artistic, powerful as well as other feelings. 


File type is important because sometimes you’ll need to post the logo on something and you just want the image and wording to show, so what you’ll need is a transparent background. 


The Best Colors For A Roofing Logo

The colors also communicate a message. Each color can portray a different feeling. For example, what is the first thing you think of when you hear the color red? Possibly a stop sign which warns of danger. 


Red can also represent passion or energy, fire and heat. Green can represent growth or new beginnings and hope. Blue speaks of royalty or elegance. What is associated with innocence or purity. Black can portray power and confidence. 


Think of things in our normal life, a wedding dress is white, Nike logo is history black. There are associations with colors in logos. Silver is associated with luxury, which makes me think of the apple computers. Green can be related to eco-friendly businesses.


Creating Your Roofing Logo

Your company logo is a key part of your contractor website design, and this might all seem like a lot to think about. You probably didn't expect your logo to have so many parts to it. But keep it simple at first, you can always change it later. Large brands change logos and they survive. If your company is small, you have plenty of time to change it. 


An option for changing your logo is to slowly adjust part of it over time. You could start with the photo, but keep the font and the colors the same. Or start with the phone and style and change the photo last. 

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