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SEO Backlinks

SEO backlinks are an essential part of building your roofing website. Backlinks are something that search engines like Google need to see in order to help promote your website. Some backlinks will just come to you and others you have to work for. On this page we’ll discuss different ways that SEO backlinks work and how to get more to your site. 

What Are SEO Backlinks?

When another website has a hyperlink, picture or button that when clicked, will direct people to your website, this is a backlink. It might go to your home page or one of your blogs, both of which you want. 


Backlinks are different from internal linking, which is when you do pretty much the same thing except you have a hyperlink from one of your pages to another page on your site. This helps the reader find more helpful information and it helps Google understand your website design


To have another site link to your site in this way is in essence a way of voting on the internet. It’s like other sites pointing to your site and saying that you have good information that readers need. This helps improve your reputation with search engines. 


The more prominent the other site is, the better it is for you that they are linking to you. So for example, if a big brand like Home Depot linked to you, this would be a huge benefit. 


Three Types Of Backlinks

In general, you will get SEO backlinks in three different ways, from business listings, people organically finding your site or from you reaching out to someone and asking them to give you a backlink.


Business Listings

This can be any site like BBB or your local Chamber of Commerce. When these sites list your band information, phone number and website, these are a type of backlink that you want. So it’s important to check all the listings and make sure they have your information currently entered and the links are working. 


Organic Backlinks

Websites will sometimes find your brand and because you have high quality content, they will link to you as a resource for their readers. This happens without us even knowing but can be a benefit to us. This is why creating high quality content is so important. 


You Pursuing Backlinks

Going after and creating backlinks by doing research and talking to people with other websites. This way is very time consuming but one of the best ways to get SEO backlinks. It starts by finding other sites that talk about similar topics to your company and then asking them to link to your content or helping them write content on their site. 


Backlink Checker

There are different types of software that will help you manage the backend on your website. Some of these tools are free, like Ahrefs and others cost a monthly subscription. But these tools will help you see what backlinks you have, whether or not they are quality backlinks and also help you to get more. Along with SEO backlinks, these tools will typically address other topics that are helpful to improve your roofer SEO, so be sure to check them out. 


How To Get More Backlinks

Here are a few of the key ways to get backlinks and grow the reputation of your website. These are the methods that take time and energy, not just the simple business listings. So keep in mind, when someone says they are getting you SEO backlinks, they could either be referring to business listings or the time intensive methods. It’s good to clarify which one they mean. 


High Quality Content. 

Perhaps the most important of all is to have high quality content on your website. This means writing helpful information that answers the questions of your customers. The more quality information you have, the more likely you are to be seen as an authority and for someone to want to link back to your site. 


You will want to avoid too much of the sales talk and fluff, and stick to the details that meet the needs of your customers. Helping them with non-bias information about your products and services. 


Unlinked Mentions

There will be times where other websites reference your brand but forget to put a link to your website. This is an easy opportunity to contact the owner of the other website and ask them to put a link back to your site. 


You might even find an article that talks about your products and services but doesn’t have any links. You might be able to ask the author to link to you if your article brings their reader more value. 


Local News Or Events

Get involved with your community and there will be opportunities to be mentioned on other websites. When this happens, make sure they link to you. 


You might even be able to do things like help your local weather channel write content about how to prepare a home for a storm, at which point you as the roofing expert can give your advice. 


Similar Article Topics

Find other brands that are writing about similar topics and either help them create content on their site or ask them to link back to you if you have better content. For example, a home improvement blog that covers all topics about the home. Perhaps they want to create content for their reader about roofing, you could help them write that. 


Another scenario would be if the home improvement website already has content about roofing but their link goes to a poor quality site and your website has better quality. You could ask them to switch the link to you instead. 


Competitor’s Backlinks

Use the tools mentioned above to see where your competitors are getting SEO backlinks. This will give you ideas of where to find other sites for backlinks or show you new business listings that you could connect with. 


Similar Target Audience

If you have another company in your area that works with the same target customer base, you could work with them to create backlinks to each other's sites. Keep in mind, if they have a poor quality site, it’s not worth it. 


For example, if they are a tree company, you could help them write a blog about insurance claims when it comes to trees falling on a roof. And since you help them write it, they could mention you as the author.  

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