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SEO Content

What Is SEO Content

SEO content is any visual, audio or text that you create and post on the internet to help you rank. For example, blogs, text, copy, pictures, videos, infographics, tweets and so on. 


When you create a blog entry or post job photos on your site or social media, this is all content creation. The more content you create and post the higher the chances are of being found on the internet. 


It’s important to create content as often as possible in order to boost your roofer SEO. It will help you rank higher on Google’s search results and help to serve your customers. Your customers need your advice. 

Why Is SEO Content Important?

When you create content, you are communicating to your potential customers and to search engines, what you do and the services you provide. 


Creating content can tell the story of your brand, educate your customers and communicate what sets you apart from your competitors.


Search engines like Google need your SEO content in order to provide answers to questions like, “what's the best shingle for my roof”.


It helps you build your brand and stay top of mind. For both your past customers and new customers, it helps you stay in front of them so they remember you when they need help with their roof. 


How To Use Content

Your website is the primary place for creating and posting content. Other platforms like social media help as well but serve slightly different purposes. So focus first on building out content on your website. 


Use your website to tell stories of jobs you’ve done, areas you work and the expert advice you have on products. 


Create a piece of content, like a written article or an audio recording. Turn that content into as many variations as possible and post on multiple platforms. 


For example, you have a handful of photos from a job site. Turn it into a slideshow video. Post that video on your website, youtube, and social media platforms. By doing so, you’ve taken one piece of content and turned it into 3 to 5 pieces. 


If you’ve heard someone say to avoid duplicate content, that is in reference to text on your website. You don’t want the same exact words on multiple pages of your website. If you do this it will negatively affect your ability to rank those pages or your site. 


If you have a blog on your site and you take the exact same text and put it on another blog platform, or vice versa, this is also a bad idea. When it comes to written text, keep it unique. When it comes to video, you can take the same video and post it across multiple platforms. 


Places To Post Content

Here is a list of places to post content. Not every platform is equally valuable so keep your website as your primary place for posting SEO content. 


  • Your website

  • Third party blogs

  • FaceBook page

  • Youtube 

  • Linkedin

  • Google My Business

  • Yelp

  • Local Business Listings

  • Houzz

  • Forums 

  • Instagram

  • Tumbler

  • Twitter

  • Podcasts

  • Chamber of commerce

  • Manufacturer contractor listings like CT, OC and GAF


How To Create Content

There are two main things to focus on when creating content, your services and the second is user queries. You need content about how you replace roofs but you also need content about the question your customer is asking regarding which shingle is better. 


Since you know your services really well, just make sure you have words and pictures on your website that clearly communicate everything about those services. I’ve seen some sites that only have two paragraphs about roof replacements. You need much more than that. 


Learn what questions your customers are asking and create content around those topics. Every month almost 500 people search “certainteed vs gaf”. Figure out things like this and start creating SEO content about them. 


Research the best keywords by using free tools like Google Keyword Planner. Or start typing questions about roofing into the search bar and read the suggested searches. This will give you ideas on what to write about.


Ideas And Topics For Content

There are so many different types of content that you could create so hopefully this will get you started. Take the ideas below and put your own twist to them. 

Topics For Content
  • Compare shingles brands against each other.

  • Compare Tile to shingles

  • Compare Metal to Tile

  • Talk about the value that each component of the roof brings, like ice and water shield.

  • Stories of jobs you’ve completed. 

  • Create pages about every service, including fascia repair, or skylight replacement. 

  • Statistical data around roofing and homeowner needs.

  • Educational content on everything from safety to how shingles are made and so on.

  • Old products, and new products.

  • Before and after 


Types Of Content. 
  • Video

  • Pictures

  • Slideshows

  • Audio recordings

  • Blogs

  • Service pages

  • Infographic

  • IG stories

  • Emails

  • Podcast

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